30 November 2016

Children’s Area

On Saturday August 15th, directly following our AWESOME on-stage Children's Entertainment sing-along (9:15-10:15am), this year once again featuring multi-award winner Mary Lambert, we will begin our children's program. It runs until 4:00pm.

We provide activities for children between the ages of four and twelve years old.  The Children's area is a tented area adjacent to the festival grounds; we will have arts, crafts, guided hikes and sports equipment available to entertain your children. There is a sign-in / sign-out, as well as a parent identification process in place to ensure that children are always accounted for and enjoying the experience. Parents are also encouraged to ‘check-in’ periodically with the Children’s Area leaders to ensure that everything is going well for your child.

Parents are reminded that children should be dressed in appropriate attire for activity.  Hats, sunscreen, snacks and water bottles are encouraged.  There is always the chance that your children could get a bit muddy, footwear gets wet, or hands, legs, or arms could get some paint on them.

Volunteer adult supervision will be provided during this time, but NOT by certified babysitters. We guarantee to have least TWO on-duty leaders each hour that the Children’s Area is open.  Children must be willing to participate in the planned activity, unless we have ample volunteers to run various simultaneous activities . Uncooperative children will unfortunately have to be returned to their parent(s). Safety of your children is our #1 priority.  We will do everything we can to plan fun, safe activities.