4 December 2016

Be A Volunteer

Are you interested in volunteering at our festival?   We would love to have you!  This year more than ever we are going to need a large army of dedicated folks, because of a few really cool reasons; (1) its our 10th Anniversary Festival!, (2) its our last festival (and this is your last chance to help out), (3) we are expanding to now include music on Thursday evening, and (4) we will once again attempt to operate "Bill's Place" Beverage Gardens ourselves instead of farming the responsibilities out to a third-party.

As a point of clarification, volunteers still have to purchase tickets to the festival.  Unfortunately we just cannot provide free tickets for 60-70 people.  This being said, remember that we do our best to recognize you for your time and effort spent as an on-site volunteer.

Folks that pre-register for a minimum four-hour commitment will receive:

  1. 10th Anniversary "surprise" gift
  2. Complimentary CBTH flashlight (if you didn't get one last year!)
  3. $10 food voucher for Bordertown BBQ (on-site food vendor)
  4. Access to our volunteer hospitality area

Folks that volunteer three hours or less will receive:

  1. 10th Anniversary "surprise" gift
  2. Complimentary CBTH flashlight (if you didn't get one last year!)
  3. Our 'world famous' CBTH handshake!
  4. Access to our volunteer hospitality area

Our Volunteer Coordinator (who is also a volunteer!) is Theresa Landry.  She would love to hear from, and get you pre-registered.

Please Contact Theresa

Email: riverdale2@yahoo.ca
Facebook: Come By The Hills
Phone: 780-842-3504
Mailing Address: 6007-52 Avenue, Vermilion, Alberta  T9X 1X3

Our Needs - Our Schedule

Come out and help us set up for the weekend.  The work on this day is mainly physical in nature as it involves setting up tents and preparing the site. The bonus of working Wednesday is that lunch and supper is provided. After a good night's sleep, breakfast will also be provided between 8 and 9 AM Thursday morning.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Shifts are available for volunteers who will work the gate, either admitting guests or assisting them with camping sites. We also need volunteers to be the environment crew, to take photos, to work at 'Bill's Place,' to prepare and oversee the fire for the evening music jam, instrument tent, and to be the stage crew. Also needed are a couple spare volunteers for last minute fill-ins.

This is cleanup day. It's going to be emotional, as this will be our last clean-up at Mistahiya!  Sad as it is, all good things come to an end.  Needs include folding up tables and tents and packing things up for storage.  It is a great time to hang out with your festival friends and discuss with them what you've enjoyed most about the weekend, and what we're now going to do with all our spare time.