13 April 2020

Celtic Fusion Illusion


Folk - Celtic Rock

On Stage
Twelve (12) Performers (that's not a typo!)
New at CBTH 2020
Edmonton, AB

Artist Biography

CFI Celtic Rock takes audiences by storm.

Founded in traditional Celtic and solid Rock roots, the band has developed a unique style and repertoire, including numerous original songs and arrangements that appeal to a wide audience.

A contemporary Celtic Rock band with 12 members, CFI's rock-solid rhythm section powers the groove for bagpipes together with electric guitars, keyboards, and powerful vocals.

The group combines wildly different genres of music into a hybrid and lively sound. Often accompanied by the Celtic Ceilidh Dancers, their live shows provide a fun night of energetic and very danceable music.

The band is based in Edmonton, and past venues speak to the broad appeal of their sound.

Thomas Alexander-vocals, Amanda Leigh Mitchell-vocals, David Trew-bagpipes, Gary Ferguson-bagpipes, Duncan MacDonald-bagpipes, Brian Gizzie-bagpipes, Cam Prowse-bagpipes, Percy Marshall-guitar, Rob Swyrd-drums, Alan Quilley-bass, Murray Schneider-keyboards and accordion, Rocco Macri-guitar.