19 May 2019


Brass Tacks


Rock, Funk, Blues

On Stage
Four Performers
New at CBTH 2019
Edmonton, AB

Artist Biography

Funkafeelya is an exciting, original/cover band that may cause lunacy, dementia, vertigo and delirium but it keeps people getting up to get down! The original music has a rock, funk, and blues sound and the covers include funk, top 40, mo-town, and rock. Funkafeelya is a five piece band that has been touring Canada for the last fifteen years.

Funkafeelya was started by singer/songwriter/saxophonist, Aubrey Young. Aubrey has studied saxophone for seven years and has graduated from the theatre program at Red Deer College, as well as the musical theatre program at Sheridan College, in Oakville, Ontario. So after five years of performance training in singing, dancing, and acting, she can hold her leg over her head while pantomiming being stuck in a box and hum Beethoven’s fifth backwards until the crowd applauds or until she dislocates something!

“After Aubrey Young left theatre school, it was evident that she was heading straight to the top. After playing in several bands over the years, Aubrey has brought her vocal talents to the forefront of Canadian pop/funk. Her voice has a range and intensity that is incomparable to many touring bands currently in the business. As a front person, Aubrey is a master at maintaining the energy of the Funkafeelya show throughout the performance, whether it be in bars or headlining at festivals. She is backed by an awesome rhythm section and often will present an interesting visual as well as musical performance. This show is really about fun, and their infectious groove escapes no-one. Funkafeelya really rocks the house!" (New Century Music)

The rest of the band is made up of studio caliber musicians. Most of whom are graduates of the instrumental jazz program at Grant MacEwan College, in Edmonton, Alberta. Some of these musicians include: Brandon Baker, Nathan Oulette, Reid Thiel, Brennan Cameron, Paul Bergeron, Devin Hart, Steve Frise, Khy Mattu, Ian Morris, Wes Austin, Mathew Ryan Woods, Henning Witt and Ben & Josh Dodds.

So… from these tangled, woven webs comes Funkafeelya. Promising a funkin’ good time! Wearing lots of big, bright, bold funk costumes and playing peoples favorite, fast, fun songs!