29 April 2018

Tom Phillips

Old Style Country
On Stage
Three Performers - Tom, Tim Leacock (Base & Vocals), Geoff Brock (Guitar) - The Men of Constant Sorrow
New at CBTH 2018
Calgary (Inglewood), AB

Artist Biography

Following thirty years of music making and seven studio albums, Tom Phillips has added another chapter to his story with a new sound and band on his latest album, Plastic Machine. The album represents an evolution in Tom’s sound that reunites him with producer Lorrie Matheson, who produced Tom’s critically acclaimed 2014 album Mr. Superlove.

Tom has performed countless shows across the country with his band The Men Of Constant Sorrow. However, it was at a local favourite venue in Calgary, The Blues Can, that Tom came together with veteran and newcomer musicians to form the band featured on Plastic Machine.

The Tom Phillips trio takes elements of this sound and pulls it into a more intimate performance.

Awards and Nominations

2017 YYSCENE Top 5 Calgary Albums (Plastic Machine)
2015 Calgary Herald Top 5 Albums (Mr. Superlove)
Wrote first soundtrack to a novel in Canada with Will Ferguson's "Spanish Fly"