2 May 2018

Steve Strongman

Headliner! Blues
On Stage
Four Performers
New at CBTH 2018
Hamilton, ON

Artist Biography

Not only is Steve Strongman a terrific musician, but we, as the members of the Battle River Music Society, can attest that Steve is equally a terrific human being. Last year, as some of you may remember, Steve was slated to be our Blues Headliner for the 2017 festival. Unfortunately a number of things happened in Steve's world where he was forced to withdraw his availability for our festival. We were obviously crushed by the decision, but certainly understood. He is a big fish and we are a small pond. In all honesty, we have been interested in getting Steve to perform at our festival since his big Juno Award win in 2013.

But this is not the end of the story! Not only did Steve connect personally with our Entertainment Director to apologize, he put us in touch with a few of his close Blues friends across the country to try and help us find an equivalent replacement on short-notice, and this is how we were able to land 2017 Juno Award Winner Paul Reddick for last year's Friday evening Blues slot. Steve also took it one step further by making a firm commitment to perform at our 2018 festival, and this is how we find ourselves introducing one of our most decorated performers EVER across any genre this year - and we couldn't be happier!

Award winning Canadian bluesman Steve Strongman is a versatile talent, and a restless one. By constantly pushing himself in new directions, he has kept himself vital. His talent is huge and impossible to miss, and it’s matched by his staggering musical ambition as guitar slinger, songwriter or vocalist. The same structures and progressions that animate blues and roots music can also choke the air out of it, smothering it in caricature and cliché. But Strongman is a subtle shape shifter who manages to slip that trap without betraying the music he loves. Throughout, he never sounds an inauthentic note or loses touch with the essence of the blues.

Awards and Nominations

Winner; 2013 Juno Award - Blues Recording of the Year "A Natural Fact"
Nominee; 2018 Juno Award - Blues Album of the Year "No Time Like Now"
Nominee; 2015 Blues Album of the Year "Let Me Prove It To You"
Winner; Multiple Maple Blues Awards