14 May 2018

Darby Mills (of the) HEADPINS!

Classic Rock
On Stage
Five Performers
New at CBTH 2018
Vernon, British Columbia

Artist Biography

We are 'kicking it up a notch!' for this year's Come By The Hills finale!  Our Classic Rock artist will definitely leave a lasting impression on all that attend our Saturday evening set.  It's gonna be wild, it's gonna be loud, and it's gonna 'make ya feel!'

She is a legend in the industry, one-of-a kind, with pipes of steel and a super big heart - we are thrilled to welcome the front-woman of one of Canada's most successful rock 'n roll band The Headpins - to Come By The Hills 2018.  Get ready to stand up and shout folks!

The Headpins achieved their height of popularity in 1982 and 1983, with TURN IT LOUD and songs such as "Don't It Make Ya Feel", "Turn it Loud", "People", and "Breakin Down”. They toured though out Canada, United States and Europe with the likes of... Pat Travers, Richie Blackmore, Brian Adams, Loverboy, Helix, Harlequin, Toronto, Honeymoon Suite, Kiss, ZZ Top, the Romantics, Eddie Money, Pat Benetar, Vince Neil, Poison, Randy Backman, the Tubs, Nazareth, Def Leopard, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joe Cocker, and the Pretenders. The second recording, LINE OF FIRE gave us "Just One More Time", "Feel my body", "Celebration" and the final effort HEAD OVER HEELS produced singles like “Stayin all night", "Still the one", and "Be with you”, at which time they headed to Europe to tour with Whitesnakes , John Lord, Cozy Powell, John Sykes, Sir Neill Murray and yes, David Coverdale.

TODAY, like a glass of finely matured red wine, Darby has ventured back to her passion. Come enjoy her story, and journey through the years along with some classics that will take you back in time.  Originals that will bringing you to the present and new works to form some memories for the future!

2018 is emerging as an exciting time for Darby Mills and a new era for the veteran performer. With the release of her new CD titled LIVE – The Darby Mills Project, recorded at the Russian Hall and produced by award winning recording engineer Ron Obvious fans will love the energy, vibe and passion exuding from Mills and her steadfast army of rock n’ roll veterans.

Awards and Nominations

Nominee; 1992 Juno Award - Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year
Winner; 1995 Star on Canada's Walk of Fame
#70 WORLDWIDE on Music Billboard Charts Single "Don't It Make Ya Feel"
40 Years in the Rock 'n Roll Industry (1978-2018)!